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CNE Won the Award of the "Best Energy and Resources Stocks Company"

On January 9, 2020, at the "Fourth Annual Awards Ceremony of Golden Hong Kong Stocks and New Year Strategy Conference of Zhitongcaijing Hong Kong Stocks and American Stocks", CNE won the award of “the Best Energy and Resources Stocks Company".

The "Fourth New Year Strategy Conference of Golden Hong Kong Stocks and Zhitongcaijing Hong Kong Stocks and American Stocks" was co-organized by Zhitongcaijing, a domestic-leading Hong Kong Stocks and American Stocks information platform, and Straight Flush, was provided strategic cooperation by Glory Sun Financial Group and Yunfeng Financial Group and supported by Roadshowing and Orange Financial Printing (OFP).

The "Best Energy and Resources Stocks Company" aims to commend the listed energy and resource Hong Kong stocks companies with sound corporate governance structure, prominent position in the industry, well-developed primary business and continuous and stable value returns for customers. The award highlighted the concern of the industry and investors for related industries, and it was also a great encouragement and a spur to CNE.

By up to 3 months’ strict screening, the "Fourth Golden Hong Kong Stocks Annual Selection" attracted the registration of more than 860 listed Hong Kong Stocks companies, covering traditional industries such as energy, finance, automobile, and industrial manufacturing, as well as emerging industries including communications, chip manufacturing, Internet, medical and pharmaceuticals that lead China's economic transformation. Total market value of the companies were more than 18 trillion Hong Kong dollars, occupying the top in Asia and equivalent to more than 1/2 of the total market value of the entire Hong Kong stocks market. More than 90% were Hong Kong Stock Connect companies. Additionally, more than 200 financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance, trust and asset management and thousands of professional investors attended the event.

Final list of winners were generated upon the score of selection expert committee based on the performance, industry ranking, business model, market influence and performance in capital market in the past year and the votes from related public.