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Display of Training Activities

2022-02-25 13:40:23

Opening Ceremony of 5th CNE Reserve Executive Talent Training Held Successfully

On September 3, 2021, the Opening Ceremony of the 5th CNE Reserve Executive Talent Training was held in Beijing. Chairman Liu Shunxing and Vice Chairman Liu Jianhong of Concord New Energy Group (CNE) attended and addressed the ceremony.

Liu Shunxing extended congratulations to the staff selected for the training, expressing his expectations in five aspects. First, he encouraged them to set long-range life goals worthy of the times; second, he suggested that they should conduct life planning proactively and be responsible for their life; third, he hoped that they would love life and work hard to create a favorable personal ecological environment; fourth, he motivated them to keep strengthening self-learning, learn while working, apply what they have learned in their work, and constantly enrich their knowledge; fifth, he advised them to strengthen self-cultivation, and develop good personal habits and morality.


Liu Jianhong also extended congratulations to the selected staff, noting that they were selected in recognition of their work performance and the training will set new requirements for management. She urged them to earnestly learn the guiding principles of Chairman Liu's speech, strengthen learning, read more, be courageous in practice and make great achievements, so as to develop from back-up executives into formal ones.

At last, the group leaders took questions from the trainees on the spot and by video link.

Then the five-day first stage of the training will kick off. Wish all the trainees every success in the training.